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St. Martin Catholic Elementary school was founded in 1963 and has been located at its current site since then.

The patron saint of the school, St. Martin is known for being the saint of peace.

When Martin was a little boy his mother and father wouldn't let him be baptized. His father was a soldier and this meant that when Martin grew up, he would have to join the army too. He was in the army for three years.

One cold, snowy night he met a beggar. Martin wanted to help the man get warm so he cut his own cloak in two, and gave one half to the beggar. After that Martin spent a lot of time thinking about Jesus. He decided to be baptized.

Martin was such a kind and loving man and he didn't want to fight anymore. He put his weapons away and said, "I am a soldier of Christ" and so he became known as a saint of peace. He spent the rest of his life doing good deeds and helping people become Christian. Martin became Bishop of the City of Tours, and continued to spread the work of Christ, until his peaceful death.

Written by Allison Young - former Grade 8 Student